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Jaw Pain - Teeth Grinding

Our Maxillofacial Physiotherapist has a University Degree in Maxillofacial Rehabilitation.

She can help you with:
- jaw and Facial Pain
- Facial Paralysis
- Locked Jaw
- Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)
- Clenching


Headaches - Migraines 

We provide targeted physiotherapy treatments to patients suffering with symptoms affecting the head and/or the neck.
Maxillofacial physiotherapy is safe and suitable for everyone as therapy is tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual.


Scoliosis - Neck Pain

RPG can treat postural and musculoskeletal complaints. 
RPG method main goal is to ameliorate/align any morphological deviation in order to progressively regain body functions. In other words, the Global Postural Re-education method can help you to do things for your day-to-day life. By correcting your posture, RPG method contributes to ease the related complaints.