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What is scoliosis

Scoliosis is a deformity that affects the shape of the spine and can occur at any stage of life, but especially from the age of ten, with associated progression to the growth spurt.

It is important to look at students’ posture as the prevalence of scoliosis in school ranges from 1 to 3% of the population. Early detection of this disease increases up to three times the number of treated patients, decreasing the percentage of requiring surgery.

GPR method to improve patients with scoliosis

The Global Postural Re-education (GPR) method improves the body biomechanics, corrects the morphology, suppresses stiffness and releases the joints, treating disharmony taking into account the individual needs of every. 
This is essential for the correction of the nonstructural scoliosis to reestablish the normal physiology of the column during the phase of growth but also, later, during the adult life.

Studies showed that patients treated with the Global Postural Re-education method demonstrated improvement of the scoliosis frame and overall posture.

Uniqueness of the GPR method

GPR method aims to:
- Be gentle, progressive and  tailored to each individual
- Focus on your wellbeing
- Understand other musculoskeletal conditions that you may have 
- Treat the spine in different postures which progress from lying to standing because the body muscles work differently in these positions.

Study : Effects of Global Postural Reeducation in students with scoliosis