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Pre & post-operative rehabilitation

Pre and post-operative Physiotherapy is crucial when having surgery. It can make all the difference. Physiotherapy can allow faster surgical recovery and also, can help you to go back to the things you like to do.

Pre-operative Physiotherapy when preparing your surgery

Pre-operative Physiotherapy is the phase before having surgery that helps you to understand and be informed about the procedure and precautions but also, about the therapy routine after the operation.  Besides, this period helps you to be as well-conditioned as possible to optimize your recovery.

It contributes also to reduce stress related to your surgery.

Prior to undergoing a joint surgery (shoulder,hip, knee…), our team can ensure you have the optimal functional ability to make the best of your rehabilitation process.

Research suggests that patients have better outcomes after surgery if they were informed, prepared with exercises and advice before their surgery.

Post-operative Physiotherapy after your surgery

We treat people either after joint surgery (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle) or spine surgery. Our team is also able to deal with fracture, tendon or ligament that have required operation (Achilles tendon, ACL…).

Our physiotherapists will explain precautions and limitations related to your surgery and they will prescribe exercises to improve your mobility, strength and control of movements.

Our team will monitor your progress and guide you through your recovery.We are experts at decreasing your muscle spasm and breaking down the scar tissue to allow it to move freely to improve your joint mobility. 

At Be Well Physiotherapy, your treatment is individualized. Our goals are to help you to regain your mobility, flexibility, strength, exercise tolerance and movement in order to return to all the activities you enjoy doing.

You can contact our practice if you plan or are undergoing a surgery that will affect your mobility. Our team can assist your recovery and help you to go back to your daily life.