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Scars, whatever their origin, location and age, do not necessarily regress spontaneously and can be disabling and painful both aesthetically and functionally. 

There is no time limit for treating and attenuating them, the objective being to make them as close as possible to the initial tissue. The maxillofacial physiotherapy indications for scar management are numerous:
-       all surgeries (abdominal, gynecological, orthopedic, etc.)
-        breast cancer, before or after surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, before and after reconstruction by prosthesis, expander, flap
-        ENT and maxillofacial oncology
-        Post-trauma (bites, accidents, etc.)
-        Cosmetic surgery  

The techniques which aim to reduce the scars are effective provided they are perfectly adapted to the type of scar you are dealing with. Knowledge of the physiology but also of the pathology of healing will allow us to use certain techniques and avoid others.